Upper Balephi khola is probably the best creek run in Nepal but not for so long because of the hydro power plant. Jalbire to Balephi is a classic run suited for class 3/4 paddlers with confident roll. If you want to challenge yourself than you can start from Dhade which is about 4/5 kilometers Upstream from Jalbire. If that’s not enough challenging than definitely plan on going higher to Manje or even higher up from Intake (according to local source we need to ride for an hour and walk for an hour to reach the starting point). Section from Monje is not for someone who wants to test their skill on grade 4/4+. You better be a solid 4+ paddler because the river will definitely test your skill and you do not want to fail. There are more than handful rapids that needs scouting and you better should when in doubt. Watch out for undergoing hydro power plant construction below Manje.

The road to Jalbire or even to Dhande is mostly fine, however, from Dhade its class 5 road! Local bus from kathmandu can take you all the way to Kattike. From there you can take truck or 4WD van. Nepali system can change season after season so we advice you to double check with everything when you are in Nepali.

Balephi also has few guest houses. I personally use the guest house on the river left right. Its cheap and best, specially Dal Bhat. Take out on the river right before the bridge and carry your kayak over the bridge and the guest house is on your right, right after the bridge. If you decide to go all the way to Manje than you will find a simple guest house just by the road on your right (slightly uphill). From there its 5 minute walk to the put inn.From – Manje N27°48.0850 E084°44.2039
To – Balephi
Best time – Oct/Nov
Volume in October – 40/60 cms
Update by – Anup Gurung Facebook Instagram
Paddlers – Michael Kadel, Lukas Strobl, Daniel Egger & Kristof Stursa