Difficulty in Nov:
River Days :
From Kathmandu:
Av. Gradient:
Volume in Nov:
Best Season: 
 Class III+-VI
Baireni (Alt. 425m)
Gai Ghat (Alt. 210m)
85 km
2 days
2 hours
3m/km (15 ft/mile)
300 cms (10000 cfs)
April – October

The Thrishuli is most busiest and popular  river in Nepal. It is beside Highway that linked eastern and western Nepal to capital city Kathmandu. You might wanna get wet on your vehicle when you see kayakers and rafter booming down on the rapid. So Thrishuli is good option for warming up your kayaking trip before you hit other rivers. So might see locals people cheering you when you got through biggest features in the river. River has big feature big wave terrain rapids, Whole and play waves. So good for play boating.