End of May 2016 we were lucky to find enough water in this nice technical sidecreek of Tama Kosi. It is about 3 hours bus ride from Charikot to Singati. You can look for the flow from the Singati bridge, if level looks good you can catch a local bus or hire a jeep up to Sorung khola village at the end of the road. The difficulty of the river doesn’t get any more than class 4 during this level, but there might be a few short portages. We had four of them. One 50 meter downstream from the dam-site and we ended up portaging few because of very sharp rocks from road construction. If you like your boat, watch out and portage these places! Dam constriction just started in 2016 so not that much time left to enjoy this little gem.

Report & update: Benjamin Kirn