We at Nepal Kayak Club are incredibly honoured to be in the running for the “Paddle with Purpose” award.

Over the past 2 months we as kayakers, river lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike, have worked very hard to put our outdoor expertise to use to help the most severely affected victims of the April 25th & May 12th earthquake that struck Nepal.

A HUGE thank you from the bottom of hearts to C&K for the nomination!

This is not about winning or losing. We are simply grateful to have been recognised for our hard work! Our goal at Nepal Kayak Club has always been to educate the young Nepalese generations on the benefits of enjoying and protecting our rivers, mountains, and the outdoors at large. In recognising our work, C&K has tremendously helped our small club, by putting NKC on the global map! For this we are eternally grateful!

If you like to help us keep moving forward, please click on the link and cast your vote. We would love your support!