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Landruk/New Bridge

2 days
1 day
Late October

The Madi Khola gets a bad rep as a boat-breaker, but maybe this is because people tend to run it late into the season. At higher water, this is a fun, bouncy run with great boofs and some meaty holes. However, beware that late monsoon rains can flood this river to unrunnable levels overnight.

Modi Khola with mountain backdrop

Modi Khola in the Annapurna Range

New Bridge to Landruk:
If putting in at New Bridge, expect to do some scouting. About two hours down, a rapid of particular interest requires an S-turn behind a large rock in the center of the channel and a good boof on river right. Beware the terminal hole on river left. Not long after this, you will reach Old Bridge, the walking bridge at Landruk, and the alternate put-in.

Landruk to Nayapul:
It is possible to complete this section in one day if putting in at Landruk in the morning. Some boat and land scouting is advised, but this section is mostly read-and-run, with small eddies and moderately technical rapids that will keep you on your toes. There is a great boof on river-right at the takeout near Nayapul, possibly the best on the river.


Local bus from Pokhara to Lumle, then by jeep to Landruk. (It is possible to hire a jeep in Lumle.) From Landruk, it is a short 2 to 3 hour hike to New Bridge, if you wish to put in further upstream. Take out below Nayapul and catch a local bus back to Pokhara. 

A good run to do with a variable group. The New Bridge to Landruk section is significantly steeper and pushier than from Landruk down; more advanced paddlers can go upstream and meet up with the less ambitious paddlers around lunch time at Landruk/Old Bridge. 

river updated in 2015 by: Zuzana Montagne