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Rajip Tripathi

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Hello there! My name is Rajip, also known as Jip (Jeep) , 26 years old and I come from a small village called Kurintar in Nepal. My life involves around whitewater and kayaking and rafting runs through my blood all day & night. I have been kayaking since 2007 and I try to be a very active member in the white water industry and everyday I give it my best to better myself as a person and as a kayaker. I have paddled many rivers in Nepal but also overseas in countries such as Japan, India & Iceland; I love to travel therefore I am looking forward to explore & paddle more rivers in the near future. I spend a lot of time kayaking myself but I also spend a lot of time teaching kayaking to other people and I love it. I am a comfortable grade 5 paddler but I am always willing to learn and grow as a kayaker. Besides kayaking, I like to sing, dance, smile and do whatever it takes to live happy and make other people happy. I like to go with the flow and enjoy every moment and situation in life.

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Rajip Tripathi
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commercial = $50 / non commercial = $80
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