IRF GT&E Certification Workshops

Workshop Dates:  13-16 December, 2017
Locations: Lower Marshyangdi/Trishuli
Instructors: Anup Gurung (Trip leader/raft guide/safety craft)
Language: English/Nepali
Cost: 20% discount on full price for NKC Members
Trip leader (NPR15000) 
Guide (NPR12500)
Trip leader + safety kayaker (NPR16500) 
Guide + Safety kayaker (NPR14500)

The International Rafting Federation Guide Training & Education Certification Workshop runs over 4 days for Raft Guide certifications and safety craft(kayak) certifications. The workshop is open to anyone who is complete beginner or an active raft guide or safety crafter who is looking to upgrade his or her current IRF qualification.

Workshop Program:
Meeting Location: (Eskimo Beach, Karantar)
Time: 10:00
Day 1: Off water & on water
Teaching and Assessments includes:
River Theory * Rafting Techniques * Guiding skills * Safety – Prevention * Rescue – Solution * Rope work * Leadership * Search & Rescue – someone is missing * River Environment etc.

Day 2: On River up to Grade ¾
Teaching and Assessments includes:
Rescue Techniques: i.e. A challenging swim * Throw bag rescue / recoil rescue * Raft flip drill * Safety craft technique * Z-drag etc.

Day 3: On River up to Grade ¾
Scenario handling:
Guiding/Safety Kayak skills: i.e. Crew training and management * Paddling strokes *Raft/Safety Kayak briefing *Raft/kayak rescue technique’s, swimmer rescue techniques etc.

Day 4: On River up to Grade ¾
Trip leader assessments.
Written exam. Certification awards ceremony.

Price includes
Basic meals and transportation are included during the course.
3 x Breakfast / 4 x Lunch / 3 x Dinner

Participant must Register online Click here to register

What to bring?

At least 3 mm wetsuit
Paddle top
River shoes, chacos or PT shoes
Stationary (Pen, pensil, notebook)
Sleeping bag
Tent or Shelter

Where to come?
|Eskimo Beach, Karan tar
Contact phone: 981 8888 944