IRF GT&E Certification Workshops

Workshop Dates: 3-6 February 2018
Locations: Lower Marshyangdi/Trishuli
Instructors: Anup Gurung (Trip leader/raft guide/safety craft)
Language: English/Nepali
Cost: 20% discount on full price for NKC Members
Trip leader (NPR15000)
Guide (NPR12500)
Trip leader + safety kayaker (NPR16500)
Guide + Safety kayaker (NPR14500)

The International Rafting Federation Guide Training & Education Certification Workshop runs over 4 days for Raft Guide certifications and safety craft(kayak) certifications. The workshop is open to anyone who is a complete beginner or an active raft guide or safety crafter who is looking to upgrade his or her current IRF qualification.

Workshop Program:
Meeting Location: (Eskimo Beach, Karantar)
Time: 10:00
Day 1: Off water & on water
Teaching and Assessments include:
River Theory * Rafting Techniques * Guiding skills * Safety – Prevention * Rescue – Solution * Rope work * Leadership * Search & Rescue * River Environment etc.

Day 2: On River up to Grade ¾
Teaching and Assessments include:
Rescue Techniques: i.e. A challenging swim * Throw bag rescue/recoil rescue * Raft flip drill * Safety craft technique * Z-drag etc.

Day 3: On River up to Grade ¾
Scenario handling:
Guiding/Safety Kayak skills: i.e. Crew training and management * Paddling strokes *Raft/Safety Kayak briefing *Raft/kayak rescue technique’s, swimmer rescue techniques etc.

Day 4: On River up to Grade ¾
Trip leader assessments.
Written exam. Certification awards ceremony.

Price includes
Basic meals and transportation are included during the course.
3 x Breakfast / 4 x Lunch / 3 x Dinner

Participant must Register online Click here to register

What to bring?

At least 3 mm wetsuit
Paddle top
River shoes, chacos or PT shoes
Stationary (Pen, pencil, notebook)
Sleeping bag
Tent or Shelter

Where to meet?
Eskimo Beach, Karantar
Contact phone: 9823056399

eskimo beach