Here’s the good news: there are lots of easy ways you can help make a difference!

Donate Kayaking Gear
The average Nepali raft guide/safety kayaker earns the equivalent of a few dollars for each trip they guide. Quality kayaking and safety equipment are hard to find in Nepal and much too expensive for the average Nepali. It’s even harder for young Nepalis trying to learn to kayak to get kayaking equipment. So if you’re planning to visit Nepal, the easiest thing you can do is to bring some extra kayaking equipment with you. Small safety equipment like webbing, carabiners, throw bags, whistles and river knives are easy to bring and always in demand. Larger items like paddles, dry-tops, helmets and PFDs will always find a very happy home in Nepal. Even if your old kit is in rough shape, Nepali river guides are a resourceful bunch and your old kit will be repaired and put to good use. You’ll be glad you brought some gifts to give away. Just remember to try to bring smaller sized stuff because an XXL paddle top ain’t going to fit the average Nepali.

Become a SUPPORTING GUEST MEMBER of the Nepal Kayak Club
Nepal Kayak Club! Annual 3 years membership $30 Click here to join!

Sponsor the Nepal Kayak Club
Do you own a kayak brand, club, business or organization? Why not show your support and sponsor us? Nepal Kayak Club is a non-profit organization committed to creating opportunities for young kayakers and advancing the sport of kayaking in Nepal. We are always looking for equipment and/or gifts to give as prizes at events we organize as well as monetary support.

The Nepal Kayak Club is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization that relies on the generous help from our friends to:

– Setup international training for Nepali kayakers in Nepal
– Setting up first aid and river rescue training
– General Running of the kayak club
– Support young generation from Nepal
– Organize whitewater festivals and competitions
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Hire a Local Kayaker
Wanna explore some of Nepal’s amazing rivers? Why not hire a local paddler or two to make your experience in Nepal richer, easier, safer and more enjoyable? Hiring a local guide is relatively inexpensive and will help sort out some of the logistical headaches associated with going paddling in Nepal. It also gives locals a chance to explore new rivers and meet paddlers from around the world. It’s a win-win!

How to find a Kayaker to hire?

Share Your Skills, Spread the Love
Are you a qualified kayaking, rafting or SRT instructor, or just have some mad paddling skills? Why not get in contact with the Nepal Kayaking Club and share your expertise with Nepali paddlers? With the help of international paddlers and river professionals, Nepal Kayak Club runs free training seminars for budding Nepal guides and kayakers. It’s the aim of the club to bring whitewater lovers in Nepal together. We want to act as a hub to promote education, certification, skills development, professionalism and opportunities for Nepal’s whitewater community. If you can help in any way, please drop us an email.

Compete, Volunteer, Paddle or Just Come Hang out with Us!
With the help of other companies and organization, Nepal Kayak Club organizes whitewater competitions and festivals in Nepal. If you’re coming to Nepal, come join us and compete, volunteer and/or hang out! For more info, check out the Event and training menu.

Spread the Word
Like our Facebook page or join paddlers hub, tell your friends about us and spread the word around in international paddling community!