A steep mountain river only a few hours drive from Kathmandu offering two days of intense and challenging activity.

The Bhote Koshi is the main branch of the Sun Koshi and it has been descended by kayak from near the Border to Tibet. The valley is impressively narrow with steep hillsides shooting up over 2000m from the river, and there are some dramatic and scenic river gorges down at river level.

The Both Koshi offers some intense and challenging kayaking. Most paddlers describe the river as ‘challenging, hard, technical and not a play river’. This is probably because it is so steep and continues with one rapid leading into another.

Difficulty in Nov.: Class IV/V+
From: 95km (Alt. 990m)
Take Out: Dam side (Alt. 780m)
Distance: 17 km
River Days: 2
From Kathmandu: 5 Hours
Av. Gradient: 16m/km (80ft/mile)
Volume in Nov.: 40 cms (1200cfs)
Best Time: Oct-Dec, March-May

420983_375132652516403_1416231636_nNOTE: This river already has 2 DAM’S. 2014 landslide at the Damside (takeout point of upper part) has changed the river completely. In 2015 the dam construction started just below famous rapid “frog in the blender”. After the earth quake the upper upper section (above 95) has made few channels runable and a new rapids. Make sure you are solid 5+ kayaker if you go above 95.