The second edition of Himalayan Freestyle Championships to be held on the Trishuli River!

Have you ever heard of McNasty, Aerial loop and Phonics Monkey? These are the names of some of the most amazing moves mastered by freestyle kayakers when playing on static waves or holes on rivers. A country world-known for its ragging rivers, Nepal counts an increasing number of skilled freestylers. Due to the high demand by the outdoor local scene of more events to be held in Nepal, Nepal Kayak & Canoe Club is proud to organize the second edition of Himalayan Freestyle Kayak Championships on 10th of february, in Fishling village, on Trishuli River. The place has not been picked up randomly: the Trishuli River is one of the most iconic in Nepal and generations of safety kayakers and rafting guides have grown up on its banks. Today more than 90% of the members of the paddler community come from the area.

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Winners and organizers from the 1st edition of the Championship.

On the day of the competition, during 45-second runs, paddlers will perform various technical moves and tricks which will be scored by official judges. The more difficult the tricks are, as the ones where the paddler and his boat are completely airborne, the more points the athletes will get. The title of 2017 Himalayan Freestyle kayak Champion will be awarded to the best paddler of the day following the final run. Cash prize will be offered to the winners. The competition will host one Open Category however more categories will be opened if the women and juniors (under 18) reached the number of at least 5 participants.

When: 2nd February 2017
Where: Trishuli river (Above Monsoon Rapid)
Participant fee: 1000 Npr
Includes: 1 x Lunch 1 x Dinner & Event T-shirt