1st Himalayan Freestyle Championship 2016

We just dusted off the 1st Himalayan Freestyle Championships, organized in Nepal, on the famous Trishuli River. We were stocked to gather as much as 32 seniors, 13 juniors and even 2 ladies! Regarding the number of freestyle kayaks available in Nepal, it was a huge and unexpected success that only proves how much the local paddlers crowd is eager to go play in waves and compete together. This situation led us to some funny struggles, like waiting for competitors to be ready for their run because paddlers… were sharing the same kayak! On some hit, as much as 3 paddlers were using the very same kayak! “Ke garne?” as we say in Nepal (what to do?). The enthusiasm of our young fellows playing on the water for the very first freestyle championships ever could only keep us going with big smile on our face. Some paddlers were nice enough though and didn’t want to bother much the organizers, so they basically paddled three different kayaks in three different outfits in three different round in one hit. But all this was totally worth! We were blown away by the level of skills these youngsters have achieved in such a short time with minimum gear, as you can imagine. If you folks out there want to support freestyle in Nepal, we have a good deal! Come with the play boat, paddle our (NKCC) creek boat and at the end of your travel you either donate it to the club or simply sell it. And don’t miss out our next event, Bhote Koshi Express Extreme Kayak Championships on the last week of October 2016. Come join us and be the part of the kayak evolution in Nepal.